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I'm a Marriage and Family Therapist and my primary theoretical orientation is Narrative Therapy. I find the ideas of narrative therapy and the conversations that develop with my clients to be so rich, so life-giving, and at the same time so practical, that I wanted to find a way to share those ideas with others outside the walls of the therapy office. I hope you enjoy reading, and find some value in these posts. Please note that this blog is not intended to provide therapy nor to be a substitute for therapy.

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Travel Tools for Couples (a guest post for Bearleader Chronicle)

My good friends at Bearleader Chronicle asked me to write about how couples can make the most of their vacation time to build their sense of closeness and intimacy. The first post of my three-part series is available on their site. In it I explore a series of questions that can help a couple enrich their experience and build memories and closeness by paying attention to some of the often-overlooked aspects of their time away. Here's an excerpt:

"You’re on vacation in Paris with your beloved partner. You just walked into Sainte-Chapelle and are overcome with the beauty of the stained glass in the sunlight. Your emotions are powerful and somewhat surprising, and you’re flooded with memories from long ago.

"What do you do with your experience? Do you talk about it with your partner? Is he or she interested? How much do you say? And should you say anything about the surprisingly deep emotions and the powerful memories, which, as far as you can tell, are not directly related to the stained glass?"

You can read more by going to the Bearleader Chronicle site. While you're there, have a look around at the fabulous photography and the articles on unique places to eat and stay, and things to do, around the world.